Welcome to a new beginning, a second chance. Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people. Life sometimes throws us curves that we never could have imagined. Many times, life’s curves have financial implications. The bankruptcy laws have been designed to help good hard working people straighten out life’s curves and get a fresh start.

Our clients come from all walks of life. Many were living the American dream, with a beautiful house and a steady job. They could never have predicted the financial bumps in the road that required them to seek guidance from a bankruptcy lawyer. I have represented many people who considered themselves financially secure, but nonetheless found themselves struggling to pay their bills at the end of each and every month.

When you are burdened with unpaid debt, financial woes, and possibly bill collector harassment, every day is the same old, bad news. Instead, you could wake up every day and feel better knowing your financial worries are behind you. The phone will no longer be an instrument of torture, and that mountain of bills that you keep avoiding will be a memory. This joyous picture is not just a daydream. It’s a very real possibility, with a little help, guidance and encouragement from me, Ernest A. Aponte.

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